New Products and Photos for Tom Design

I like to think that I have excuses for not keeping my blog up to date. It could be that I'm lazy and sit around all day. Or it could be that I'm taking care of a baby and love to get down on my hands and knees and play with her instead of sit at a computer. Or it could be that there's laundry, cleaning, groceries, and dinners to be made. OR it could be that I'm trying to run a small business and need to finally make some new products. Yep, I think it's the last three. Sometimes I dream of sitting around all day, and one of these days I will!

I had the same products for a few years and needed to start some new things. Februray was FULL of coming up with new designs, ordering supplies, making jewelry, taking new photos, editing, and uploading to Etsy. Plus filling custom bride orders! Whew.

I'm super excited about these new pieces, some have true vintage components from the 1930's and 1940's and I've started using a few 16k gold parts.  

I really like my new style of photography with my jewelry. Fun backgrounds, setting up an outfit for necklaces, and including some props like plates, cups, and books. I think it all really enhances the jewelry and my style.

Setting up the shots for necklaces was my favorite part. I pulled out my clothes, made an outfit, and set up the background. It was like getting dressed for the day! I don't always do that. It was so fun to play designer, (and hand model here and there). What do you think?



Sunday Snapshot 2.20.11 and 2.27.2011

Sunday Snapshot for 2.20.11.
We gave rockin' talks in church this day. Glad that's over.

Would you belive me if I told you it's getting harder for me take sitting portraits of her? Busy little girl.


Sunday Snapshot for 2.27.11
She still loves those blinds.

We had the missionaries over for dinner this day, here are my Lion House Rolls. Mmmm
We had salad, rolls, baked potatoes, and slow cooked roast beef. That's a pretty standard Sunday dinner.


Coeur D'Alene

Mark had President's Day off of school so we decided to spend the day in Coeur d'Alene. It's a little resort town with a lake about an hour and half away from Moscow. The first thing we did was walk around the dock by the Coeur d'Alene Resort Hotel. It was sunny but FREEZING cold and windy - the water was even iced over in some places!

Bailey hates to have her hands covered or even touched and we had been outside for quite a while so we knew for her sake we needed to get inside. We found a mall across the street and warmed right up. While we were there we found a baby snowsuit 75% off that had hand flaps! Perfect. The size was 24 months so it was a little big, okay it was huge and we couldn't help but laugh! It will fit her next year.
Why is she in the trunk? Nowhere else to change a diaper...oooh cold!

After roaming the mall for a bit we ate lunch at a restaurant I don't even remember the name of. I do remember it was good, really good - teryaki chicken burgers. While at this restaurant we learned that Bailey can wave which I have video of, not pictures. Sorry.

After lunch we went for little hike by the lake that eventually led to the shore line, and then for a drive around the lake. What a pretty place! I kept telling Mark that we should come back in the summer when it's actually warm and we can be outside for longer than 20 minutes.

For the drive home we stopped at an ice cream shoppe for dinner. Yes, ice cream for dinner. Thank goodness for heated seats. Fun day!


Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day started off with a lot of little surprises for Mark! I cut out 20 little hearts and wrote things I loved about him on them, then hid them throughout the apartment so he would find all 20 before he got to school. I'm so cute right? Ha! Never done something like this, if you know me, I'm not this mushy all the time.

Sadly, Mark is not mushy at all and didn't do anything for me on Valentine's Day. Bummer. In his defense I had called him in January from Old Navy and told him I was buying our Valentine's gifts - they were having a huge sale and I had to find some reason for buying the items in my cart! So I did receive two tops and some fun tights from him, he got two shirts from me, and Bailey got some larger sized clothes that she needed anyway. Perfect.

I made Parmesan Chicken for dinner, a "nicer" meal and Bailey and I got to hang out with each other all day! Ok, that last part isn't different from any other day.

All of our family members also got little Valentine Surprises! I printed out the Valentine card above and sent them out through the mail. It was fun to hear their reactions, who doesn't like getting something special in the mail?

On Friday of that week Mark redeemed himself and took me out dinner here in Moscow.


Sunday Snapshot 2.13.2011

I've decided to do something new, the Sunday Snapshot! Not my original idea, I saw it on another blog somewhere. It's where you just upload a few photos from that Sunday. I feel like I can handle that, sometimes I get overwhelmed with this blogging thing.
Since I love it when Bailey is all dressed up from church, the Sunday Snapshot will most likely always be her in her dress. I've been taking the Sunday Snapshot photos since February 13th, so here's that day. This was when she was just learning how to stand!


9 Month Update

In February Bailey turned 9 months, here's our monthly photoshoot, her 9 month check up stats, and some fun things she did.

Like I said before, these photoshoots don't always work out (she hit herself with the ceramic heart)


9 Month Checkup Stats:

Weight 17.1lbs  15% (was 27% at 6 months, 45% at 4 months)
Height 27.3in  31% (was 69% at 6 months, 76% at 4 months)

She's consistently going down in percentile, but she's healthy. I got to her appointment, whipped out the camera and found that the battery was dead, I didn't even have my phone, bummer! I was able to squeeze these two photos out though. It went about the same as the 6 month appointment - started screaming once her bare bum hit the crinkle paper.  


Fun Things

Started standing up to things, learned how to fall down

Waving back to us and at herself in the mirror, she loves her reflection. That's her excited face down below

Starting to not like baby foods (especially green beans) and yells for people food

Fed herself spaghetti and peas – I’m slowly being okay with her hands, arms, face, floor and chair getting covered in food

Loves Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and dances/bounces when the “Hot Dog” song comes on

Loves bath time, the remote, and has a new found love of binkies - she hated them from 2-8 months

Gets into EVERYTHING....and I let her

Loves her crib and wakes up talking to herself

I can clip her hair up so her mohawk looks like a little pony tail. She doesn't normally wear shoes but I put them on her and did her hair, I couldn't believe how old she looked! Where did my baby go? 

Other Things:
6 teeth all the way in
Crawls with things in her hands sliding them along the floor
Crawls with one leg up using her foot instead of knee – precursor to walking?
Pulls my hands away from covering my face when I say Peekaboo
Babbles a lot and can say da, ma, ca, ba, go, ga, but doesn’t quite associate items to them
Plays chase with mom and dad – we get down and crawl around with her, so much fun!
Mark and I hide under blankets and say “Where’s mama/dadda?” then she lifts up the blanket to find us and giggles and squeals, we LOVE playing with her!

Stay tuned for more.