Friday, June 11th: Happy Birthday!

Well it was my 26th birthday this year and my oh my has it been a good year so far! I'm pretty sure that my favorite gift was Bailey, in fact, I really couldn't think of anything that I wanted for my birthday. I'm pretty content with life right now and I don't feel like I need anything else. This is also how I felt at Christmas, I just really couldn't think of anything I needed or wanted.
So on my birthday I decided to go to the mall with Bailey - her fist trip of many to come I'm sure - and just shop around. I found some nice clothes and shoes and purchased them as my gifts. Mark lets me do my own gift shopping now after a few incidents in the past :) Mark also surprised me with a nice bouquet of flowers, cookies, ice cream and a card that made me cry. Such a sweetie! Then we went to Outback for dinner while Aunt Carrie tended Bailey. This was our first outing without her and of course I couldn't stop thinking about her and how absolutely adorable she is. I just love my little family so much!
Earlier in the week my mom took me out to lunch to P.F. Chang's and we visited my Great Aunt Mae in the nursing home she just moved in to. This is the great woman that Bailey Mae is named after. It was so cute to see them together, Aunt Mae held Bailey and they were both smiling at each other. (those pictures are on my mom's camera and I will post them later). Bailey is crying in this picture, she started right as the waitress picked up the camera...perfect timing.
And don't forget about Sunday dinner at my parents house, we celebrated my birthday there too! Talk about feeling loved, thanks everyone!!!

This is kind of random...Mark brought home this HUGE bouquet of flowers one day and pretended they were from him to me as a late Mother's Day gift. They were really from his work as a "congratulations on having a baby" gift. Nice try Mark! Anyway they were beautiful and overtook our dining table for a few weeks. 

Three Week Update

Here are some three week photos and milestones:
• Given a name and blessing: Bailey Mae Thompson
• Smiles so much more, especially after being fed
• Bailey eats better and better each day
• She can almost roll to one side
• Holds her head up while I burp her
• Makes more noises, especially while sleeping and we had to move her to her own room
• She has longer periods of wake time during the day
• She’s getting used to baths
• Her features are changing and people are saying she looks more like me now, but mostly still Mark
• Her newborn onesies are getting a little tight!

This giraffe winds up and plays music, this was the first time I played it for Bailey, she loved it! It was so fun to see her react! I sure love this little girl!

Sunday, May 30th: A Name and a Blessing

Blessing Day

“Your mother and I are grateful for your goodness and purity.”

At three weeks we blessed our little Bailey. This is a little early than what most people do, but it was Memorial Day weekend and just about all of our family members were in town. We were just missing Hyrum (Allie’s husband) and Ben (Leslie’s husband), but Jake’s family came in from Washington, Rick came in from Virginia, Mike came in from Arizona, and Allie came in from Idaho. Since just about all of Mark’s family were in town we had family pictures taken that Saturday before. We love the way the photos came out! I’ll post some more when they are officially given to us. The one above is one that Holly took with my camera behind the actual photographer.
Sunday morning started out fine. I fed Bailey at 5:45 am and set my alarm for 7:30 to be able to get ready and feed her again and be on time for 9:00 church. Mark left early for his meetings – he’s the Elder’s Quorum President. I knew I had to feed Bailey again before the meeting or else she would be hungry and cranky during her blessing. I tried to feed her before church again, but she wasn’t cooperating very well and time started to run out! I didn’t get to burp her as well and she ended up spitting everything up! I tried to feed her again and the same thing happened. Pretty soon I just had to settle with whatever she was able to keep down, change her diaper, change her into her blessing dress and finish getting dressed myself. Boy was time running out! I ended up leaving the house at 9:00. UGH! How embarrassing! I’m late to our daughter’s baby blessing. I was just a few minutes late, but the meeting had started and I had to walk in panting and flushed. I sat down, took a few deep breaths and settled in.

Mark gave a wonderful blessing. I was so proud of him and of course I cried through it all. These are the things I wrote down from the blessing:

“Your mother and I are grateful for your goodness and purity.” Yes we are!

Mark blessed her with…

• good health and that her body and mind would function properly

• gentleness, kindness, humility

• the desire to gain a testimony of the Savior and that the true gospel will sustain her throughout her life

• that she would be led by the spirit to good wholesome friends to do good and live a virtuous life

• that she would partake of the covenants of the temple and receive all the blessings associated with those covenants

Mark was emotional throughout the blessing which just made it all so wonderful. I have the most amazing, gentle husband and the love we have for our Bailey grows each day.

After the blessing our families went to a park for a luncheon, I was so glad it was actually sunny!

The Hadley Family (Thompson Family photos coming soon)

The Girls

The rest of the week was pretty great, but also tiring! We had soooo many family activities on both sides. Every day there was something going on. With Mark's family everyone camped on Grandpa Walsh's property (except us), we celebrated birthdays: Leslie, Isaac, Eliza, Emma, Camry, Rick, and me. Allie and my mom came and visited me during the week a few times and helped me run a few errands. I had to clean out my classroom and check out of my school AND I had a jewelry show that weekend! Whew! Then it was time to say goodbye to everyone and life got back to normal  - except I'm not sure what "normal" really is yet. :)
The "Great Lawn"

Papa and Bailey

We played horseshoes

Aunt Allie

My friends from work, remember this? (photo taken January 20th, 2010)

Well now it's this!!! (photo taken June 2nd, 2010)

Checking out of my school was kinda sad, I've had such a great time teaching Elementary Art the past three years. I will miss it and the wonderful kids, co-workers, administration, and parents I've become friends with. It was more like working with your best friends and family. Great memories at Freedom Academy!

Sunday, May 23rd: Two Weeks

A two week update on our little Bailey:

“It’s like having a puppy but 1,000 times better because it’s your baby and she’s cute and fun!!” – Mark

“I want to bust up laughing every time I look at her because she’s so cute” – Mark

I love her facial expressions: confused, mad, happy, content, screaming, lips puckered, and of course that smile makes me melt and forget all about the sleepless nights

These are some things she can do now:
Roll to one side
Lift head a little
Watches and follows me when I move
Responds to our voices
Calms totally down when her feet are rubbed
Loves her swing
Throws her hands up in the air
Holds on to my finger with her hands and toes
We’ve gone through about 250 wipes and 80 diapers in the 10 days she's been home
Only cries when she’s hungry, not even when we change her diaper!
We took her out on her first "outing" to the Seibold's wedding dinner and reception
I've taken over 300 photos of her

Switched her days and nights back to normal – sleeps three hours in the day, four hours at night, one night we even had a five hour - that was sooo nice!

2 week checkup

7 lbs 9 oz (50%)
19 ¼ inches (25%)
Head Circumference: 35 1/2 cm (50%)

I still can’t believe she’s all ours!

Sunday, May 9th 2010: Labor and Delivery

Here’s how it all went: I started having contractions the evening of Thursday, May 6th. They weren’t consistent or anything, probably about 15 to 20 minutes apart. I went to work that day, then home to make jewelry, then the post office and finally the Beehive Bazaar to restock my jewelry booth. It was a busy day and I ran around with these pains the entire time. (By the way I had 3 big jewelry shows the three weeks before her due date and life was CRAZY making jewelry!)

I woke up the next day, Friday, with contractions that were 10 minutes apart and called into work saying I wouldn’t be in. I was so bummed about this! I told all my students that Friday was my last day and I was going to officially say goodbye to all of them. It was also Teacher Appreciation Week and students were encouraged to give their teachers gifts that day too. I felt so bad. I waited at home though, waiting for these contractions to get closer together because you’re not supposed to go the hospital until contractions are 4 to 6 minutes apart. You can imagine this waiting game! Every 10 minutes! You can’t really sleep through that.

By Friday afternoon they were still 10 minutes apart, so I decided to go into work after all the students were gone to finish up my substitute plans. I came in and found cards, candy, flowers, and gifts all over my desk! How sweet is that!?! My students are so great! I have over 400 of them that I see each week, but I see my math students everyday and most of those gifts were from them. My heart sank that I didn’t get to say goodbye to them.

I finished up at work and went home to make MORE jewelry and wait out these 10 minute contractions. Mark came home and we both headed up to the Beehive Bazaar to restock my booth. Boy was I surprised at how much was sold! Yay! Another answered prayer! Anyway, we went to bed that night, well Mark went to bed, I stayed up having contractions every 10 minutes! Yuck!

I finally couldn’t take it anymore. I woke Mark up at 6:00am on Saturday and told him I wanted to go to the hospital, the contractions were 6 minutes apart. We nervously gathered everything and drove over to the American Fork Hospital. They hooked me up to monitors that read my contractions and the baby’s heartbeat. We sat there for two hours and I didn’t progress, so they sent us home! What a disappointment! And I can’t even describe the pain. I felt so yucky and exhausted.

So we were home again, Mark was writing down my contractions while I made MORE jewelry. Mark was so great, he went and restocked my booth Saturday afternoon while I moaned and groaned on the couch. Later that night he went again to clean up my jewelry booth. He said vendors were coming up to him asking for trades and asking him how long he had been making jewelry! Ha ha! What a great husband. He did come home with some fun trades though.

We went to bed Saturday night, I stayed up with my contractions timing them, and they got closer and closer. FINALLY they were 4-6 minutes apart and we were off to the hospital again at 2:30am on Sunday, May 9th: Mother’s Day. I was praying the entire time that they would admit me and I could get the epidural soon. I had been through 48 hours of contractions and no sleep! UGH. They hooked me up to the monitors again and after another hour they admitted me! I got that epidural at 4:00am. I was so cold and shaky I had to keep still long enough for the anesthesiologist to put it in. After about 3 minutes I felt warm all over and relaxed and NO PAIN! Yes! Finally!!! Mark and I slept as I progressed through the night. That epidural is one crazy good drug.

All through the morning Mark got me jell-o, juice and popsicles and my nurse took great care of me as well. At 10:50 am my contractions were so close together – I couldn’t feel them – that it was time to PUSH! Oh boy, what an experience that was. Pushing as hard as you can, but not feeling any of it, WEIRD! My doctor was called in at 12:00 noon and Bailey Mae was officially born at 12:15 pm Sunday, May 9th, Mother’s Day. What an amazing gift she was.

Bailey Mae weighed in at 7 lbs 7 oz, 19 inches long, and healthy. Mark cut the cord – he really didn’t want to, but my doctor made him! He also snapped some photos of her getting weighed and cleaned. Then they handed her to me. Whew, words can’t describe that moment! I’m holding back tears right now just thinking of it. I was overwhelmed, filled with joy, exhausted, excited, a little nervous and scared, and starving, but so happy she was there in my arms.

Our parents came into the room shortly after, they all got to hold her, take photos, and enjoy their new grandchild. She’s number 11 on the Thompson side and the 1st on the Hadley side – can you imagine my mom’s excitement? Soon after this they brought me my first meal: roast beef and mashed potatoes! I couldn’t get enough. Popsicles and Jell-o are great, but definitely not satisfying. Then Mark and Bailey were off to the nursery for cleanup, tests, footprints, and whatever else they did. Mark took some great photos. My nurse took me to my recovery room where I met Mark’s family and spent some time with them while we waited for Bailey to come back.

The next two days in the hospital were great. I had pain medicine and awesome meals brought to me whenever I needed it. We had Bailey go to the nursery at night so we could sleep. My nurses were wonderful and some of the nicest and helpful people I’ve met. We had our nervous moments at the hospital though, Mark and I changed our first infant diaper, feeding was somewhat of a challenge, and one evening Mark went home for a few hours for a meal and shower and I was alone with Bailey for the first time! It was scary at first, but I soon managed on my own. I think back to that moment and laugh now! Motherhood has become natural to me now.

My mom came down to the hospital every day. She was even there when we brought Bailey home. We strapped her in her car seat and drove as carefully as we could home. Our apartment was still a little in shambles – I was so busy with jewelry and painful contractions that I didn’t have time to put all the baby stuff away and get organized! That happened over the next few days as I felt up to it and while my pain medicine kicked in. Mark was great over these days, he ran errands for us, got all the baby items we lacked, and mailed jewelry orders for me. He was off the entire week and enjoyed every moment of it. My mom also came down every day with meals and food to stock the fridge. What would I have done without these two!?!

All in all everything went great and Mark and I couldn’t be happier that we have our healthy baby Bailey with us. We love you Bailey!

I should also mention that I was STRESSED out the week Bailey was born. I had school teaching, the jewelry show and contractions. I ended up breaking out into hives on my legs and arms. It lasted through the delivery and the week after she was born. Crazy itching! I finally controlled it with Benadryl cream and pills.