November 2011

Appaloosa Horse Museum

November started off with a day at the Appaloosa Horse Museum here in Moscow. I went with a few friends and their kids. The first thing they have you do is watch a little documentary movie about the Appaloosa Horse. That didn't last with Bailey for very long. Neither did the exhibit. But they have a play area for kids that they can dress up, color, play with plastic horses and a few other things. In the summer they actually have Appaloosa horses in the field. It actually turned out to be a really fun place.


Pie, Pie, and More Pie

I kicked off the holiday (weight gaining) season with an apple pie every Sunday - from all that apple picking in October. I must say I got pretty good at these pies.


Bailey Day

It started getting cold and rainy and snowy here quick, so Bailey and I needed to adapt to inside activities. This day I decided I would only do things with and for her - no cleaning, errands, jewelry or other things like that. It was a "Bailey Day". We ate breakfast, watched a movie and cuddled, she had a 30 minute bath, we colored, read books, played hide and seek, had lunch, made cookies, she napped and I caught up on Grey's Anatomy, then we colored again, painted for the 1st time, read more books, played hide and seek again, ate dinner, more books, chase and climb furniture, then bed. It was a fun day! And yes, she wanted boots on without pants so that's what we did.




This was the last time we went to the park before it got super cold out - super cold as in like 30* is the high, yuck. I love these photos of this little sweetie.



My mom got a new hip on Halloween. I will probably never be able to type that sentence again and have it be true. So my parents flew Bailey and I home so that I could help. My sister had come the first week my mom was home from the hospital and did a lot more helping than I did. By the time I got there my mom was able to walk with the walker and even go up and down the stairs a little. It was more of a fun trip for Bailey to play with my parents. The funny thing was that I didn't tell any of Mark's family that I would be in town. I just showed up to family dinner on Sunday and surprised everyone!
Bailey thought the walker was just a big toy for her.

One of the days I pulled out my old card table playhouse. I loved this growing up! I spent hours in there with my stuffed animals, and other little housey things. I found a website on Etsy a year ago that makes new and improved card table houses and have been dreaming of getting a new one for Bailey. Too bad they're really expensive, maybe I could attempt to make one? Probably not. here's the site.

I really don't know why Bailey has a binki in these photos. I guess she found one.


Coeur d'Alene

Mark and I had talked about getting a hotel room and going on a mini vacation in Coeur d'Alene over the Thanksgiving break, but he later told me that he would take care of everything. So we left one morning, got to Coeur d'Alene and I said, "Let's eat, I think there's a Chili's or Olive Garden here." The next thing I know we pull straight up to Olive Garden. He had planned to go there all along. I thought how cute it was that he planned to go one of my favorite restaurants! We get inside and I go straight to the bathroom. Mark and Bailey had already been seated by the time I get out so I just went to find them. Well, I found them at a table with a bunch of other people. I didn't really look around for a bit and thought, "Oh, I guess we're sharing a table with another family." Then I realize it's two families and they're our good friends, the Stucki's and Puffpaffs! I was so surprised! It turns out that they had planned the whole thing and we were all going to stay in a condo on the lake for the night. I was REALLY surprised then, we never do things like that!

So we enjoyed the rest of our meal, went shopping at Target - yes, Target is a huge attraction since we don't have one in Moscow, then drove to the condo. After dinner we crammed 6 adults and 5 kids into an explorer and drove to the freezing-cold-indoor-"heated"-swimming pool. I took one step in and got out. The kids didn't seem to mind.

Miss Mylee and Miss Bailey in the tub after the pool.

After staying up way too late playing games and laughing ridiculously at things we had to do while playing Quelf, we ate breakfast and took a walk down to the docks. Bailey loved splashing in the puddles she found on the way. The docks were fun, but I was in a constant panic thinking Bailey would fall over the edge and I would have to jump in and save her, and of course she didn't want to be held. So we made it a quick walk for us and got a nice group shot of everyone.

While walking around Brad came up with a great idea to get Matt to swim out in the water and back for a 100 bucks. We all thought he was crazy but Matt actually did it! That water was seriously FREEZING cold. 
After warming up from our walk, and swim, we all went to Costco - the exciting things married couples with kids do while on vacation - then went home. I had such a great time with these people, they are some of the best I know.   


Jewelry Night

A few times now I've taught a little "mini class" in my ward on how to make earrings. It always ends up being a really fun night! I show everyone how to make simple earrings, then everyone gets to make as many earrings as they want using my supplies for $2-$3 a pair. It's a great way for me to use up some of my extra supplies and the girls get to learn to something new and go home with new jewelry. Win-win.

This night I showed them how to make fabric covered bracelets out of popsicle sticks! And no, I don't wear all of them on my wrist at the same time.



Thanksgiving here in Moscow has been really run the past two years because we get to spend it with friends! We see these people a lot during the week, but it's still fun to get together and spend a holiday with them. The week before Thanksgiving the girls of all the families got together and planned out the meal. I ended up bringing rolls, green bean casserole, pumpkin dip, and pumkpin pie. Mmmm, my mouth is starting to water thinking about it! I think we had 9 families there and we had it at the church. We tried to set it up nice so it felt like a Thanksgiving at home.

My rolls, this is another recipe of mine that I've made so many times I may have perfected it.

3 Turkeys!

Of course we looked through the Black Friday ads! WalMart's sales on kid toys started at 10pm that night so most of us went and got a lot of our Christmas shopping done. It was PACKED. Then we headed over to Macy's at midnight.

The girls! Stripes were the theme :)


I actually got out the Christmas decorations a few days after Thanksgiving this year. Last year I didn't even decoarate because Bailey and I went home to Utah really early. Bailey loved playing in the lights.



Like usual, I end the month with a few random photos of Bailey just playing - it's what we do everyday! The first photo is classic. She was extremely excited to have two sippies. Who wouldn't?


October 2011

I'm going to blame October for making me so behind on my blog.
There were a gazillion things that went on! So it ended up being like a month-long photo shoot, starting with the Pumpkin Patch.

It turns out Moscow and Pullman have lots of fun free things to do on the weekends, including the Organic Farms at Washington State University. On this particular weekend they had a Fall Fest with pumpkin picking, hay rides, apple cider, and apple picking. Of course we only did the free things: taking photos of your kid at the farm.

A Visit

Allie, Owen, and my mom came to visit us in October. I must say it was a little stressful, I'm not used to my house being so messy all the time: air mattresses, luggage, toys everywhere, doing jewelry in my bedroom, dishes all the time. Whew! But is was worth it, we had lots of fun! We went apple picking, saw the grizzly bears, library time, played at the indoor playground, and the usual hanging out.

I found out that Bailey LOVES apples. She will chomp all around the apple then give it to me.



I took Bailey out for a little photo shoot in the Fall leaves, I basically just let her play while I snapped away. These are some of my favorite photos of her.


WSU Craft Fair

I did my first craft fair here in Moscow - well actually is was Washington State University in Pullman, and it just happened to be one of the biggest one around. My friend Lyndee shared my booth with me selling her bows and baby accessories. It was a pretty good turnout over two days, and I made a connection with a cute store in Potlatch so it's in there too! My favorite part was when Bailey and Mark came to visit.


Everything is better with kids - so I'm finding out. Especially as Bailey gets older and discovers things for the first time. She absolutely loved pumpkin carving, from digging out the seeds, to drawing faces on them and watching them glow.

Apple pie and pumpkin seeds!


Costume #1

I invited some friends to have a little photo shoot of our kids in their costumes. Cute little Clark and Cash came, and Emily later. You would never guess that this is the WalMart pumpkin patch!


I think it was the next day or so that I invited friends to go apple picking too! I thought it would be fun for Bailey to get dressed up in costume #2, the chicken, and roam the orchard. The fun thing about this apple picking time (I think this was my 3rd time this month) is that they let us pick some fun Indian Corn. I love all the fun colors.



Our friends, the Nelsen's, threw a Halloween party for all their friends and our ward. It was so fun! They had contests, a photo booth, dinner, and dancing. I dressed up as the bride of Frankenstein, Bailey was a fairy, and Mark was...uhmm...a guy from "Swamp People".

All the girls! This is the best we could do for a group shot with my lens, it's two photos combined.



Our ward had a trunk-or-treat for all the kids, thank heavens. We all met at the church and opened our trunks for all the little kiddos to get their candy. Mark dressed up in a gorilla costume that he borrowed from our friend Brad. Most of the kids were scared of him and didn't want to get candy from him, Bailey however was used to it since she saw the costume in our house. The funny thing was that Brad was dressed up in a black version of the same costume, so when Bailey saw Brad a few cars down, she gladly went and sat on his lap! Silly girl! Oh, and Bailey loved grabbing handfuls of candy and putting it into her bag.

There is another story to go with these costumes.
I was walking up to my apartment after a night of shopping with the girls when I saw a man walking behind me, then he started RUNNING, I started running up my stairs and HE started running up my stairs! HE WAS RIGHT BEHIND ME, I SCREAMED and pushed open our door and yelled for Mark. Then I saw someone else in my apartment, turned around toward the door and saw a huge gorilla. Mark was the huge gorilla chasing me up the stairs, the man in our apartment was our friend babysitting Bailey. All part of Mark's scheme to scare me! It WORKED!!!
Door and Dance

When I found out that our apartment complex had a door decorating contest for Halloween I was like, "Heck yes! I'm so going to win!" I love any kind of contest that involves dressing up or decorating.
October was pretty busy for me so I actually didn't even finish until the day before they voted, but I won first place! Thanks to the dollar store and bags from the grocery store.

The "theme" was a haunted forest so I made trees, bats, creepy eyes from egg cartons, a Grimm Reaper, ghosts from cheese cloth, glued spiders on the trees, and even made a grave yard with three shallow graves! It was pretty sweet.

One night at a girls night we all joked about doing a flash mob at a stake activity, then we actually started making up a dance. Well that didn't work out, but it did work out that we set up a flash mob at the mall and danced to Thriller on Halloween night at the mall trick-or-treat! It was so fun! We all just started dancing in the middle of the mall and everyone stopped and watched us. We had girls and guys from the ward and even students from the school. Here's a photo of some of us from the ward.

This picture makes me laugh every time! It doesn't even look like Bailey!



Of course I have to post some photos of all the fun Bailey and I have during the month. She really cracks me up sometimes.
She loved the homemade peanut butter play dough.

I think this is one is the best. It was Saturday morning and Bailey wanted her boots on, so I had to take off her pjs, then she put the bucket on her head and started dancing around. Mark and I just sat on the couch and laughed.