June 2012

As I went through the photos of June I realized it's more of a tour of Moscow and the surrounding areas. So enjoy these photos of things we did this month!

5k RS Walk

The Relief Society in our ward decided to do a little "5K Fun Run" in June. Personally I think the words "fun" and "run" should never be used in the same sentence, luckily there were mostly mommies that came with strollers so there wasn't much running going on. We started at the church and walked the path that goes from Moscow to Pullman, it's a really pretty path full of those Palouse landscapes. The only downside was that it was a really cold and windy day - typical Spring weather in Moscow - but we made it, and I got to try out our new double stroller. And yes, I know I look super dorky in my striped hat and glasses.



There's a place in Moscow called The Arboretum. I didn't know what that word meant until we moved here, apparently it means "a plot of land on which many different trees or shrubs are grown for study or display" and that's exactly what this place is. It's on the University of Idaho campus and it's quite the pretty place. By now it had started to warm up a bit so we took a little walk one Sunday.
All these photos were taken with my phone, love my phone!

My favorite picture


Art Walk

From the last 5k Walk photo, you can see that Moscow is the "Heart of the Arts". Which means they really try to be artsy here and support local artists. One event during the year is the "Art Walk". All the stores on Main Street put local artists works in the their stores and have refreshments. Then all the locals can stroll down the street, pop in a store, see the art, eat a snack, then go on to the next store. There's also live music and some activities for kids. It was a nice evening out and we got see some stores that we never would have gone in otherwise.

Starting to show my baby bump!


Happy Birthday

In June I turned, uhmm, let me think...28. This year Mark decided to hide my present and made me search the house for it. It was kinda fun! I had to eventually ask for some hints, and with Bailey's help I found it. He surprised me with a CHI flat iron! I had hinted to him before that I wanted one, but I was still super impressed that he actually got one for me, especially since they are kinda pricey on a law school budget. I must say I love it and it makes such a difference styling my hair.
Later we had breakfast for dinner and then ate cake. Mark and Bailey made the cake, I call it "a cake like my mom's" because this is how all of our cakes looked growing up - simple, basic, cake in a glass dish with store bought frosting and sprinkles. If you know me, you know I like to spice my cakes up a bit, but sometimes simple is just nice, and tasty too.

The next day was my actual birthday and some of my friends got together and made me lunch at a park to celebrate with me. How nice! I love all the good friends we've made up here.
 After dinner that night Mark, Bailey and I went to Jamm's for some frozen yogurt. All in all it was a pretty good birthday!


Father's Day

Shortly after my birthday it was Father's Day! Bailey and I surprised Mark with some treats, a nice tie, and a little picture frame Bailey made at the craft store. We sure love our dad, and we are so proud of him and all his hard work in school. We know he works hard for us!


Spring Valley

One Saturday in June some friends of ours, the Kirkhams, put together a little tin foil dinner night for a bunch of families up at Spring Valley Reservoir. This was something on our "Summer Fun" list so we went ahead and joined them. Mark, Bailey and I went on a little hike while the dinners were cooking, then we ate, had LOTS of marshmallows, and enjoyed the evening together with friends.


The Circus

The last big event in June was the "Jordan World Circus" in Colfax, WA with our friends the Puffpaffs. The name of the circus gives the impression that they're a big deal. Trust me, they're not. I've been to a big circus before so I had big expectations for this circus, but what I learned was you can't expect much from a small town. It was held outdoors at a small fairground, they had a few acts with animals: tigers, elephants, a bear, and dogs. Then they had some people entertainers: rope climbers, jugglers, dancers, hula hoop girls, and guys doing bike tricks. During intermission the audience could go down to the performing level and pay (an arm and a leg) to ride the elephants, feed the bear, ride ponies, and pet a snake. It was pretty entertaining and Bailey had a good time, especially when she got to see the elephants. She talked about it for days afterward, and still talks about going to the circus months later!


22 Weeks

Sometime in June I was 22 weeks along and felt like I was HUGE. Clearly I wasn't very huge - as I'm typing this while 36 weeks pregnant and actually HUGE. It's always fun to look back though and see what I looked like and remember feeling during that time. This was into my 2nd trimester so any sickness I felt before was gone, I had a lot of energy, and could move around with ease... Oh those were the days!



Like always, there's a ton more photos that I just don't know what to do with, plus all the Instragrams from my phone. So here's the June recap Instgram style.

monster strawberry from Costco, water guns, painting, horse museum, swings, preggie
accessorize when you can't fit into any other clothes, reading books, Gavin and Ethan doing Bailey's hair, forgiven, homemade popsicles, father's day
4th of July banner, music in the park, cookie class, dance class, cleaning helper, Arboretum
out to breakfast, hike, what she did with her shirt, olives, getting better using my CHI, 1st pool day
finally finished my 1st quilt, face painting, bubble machine, she loves apples, the grocery store swing, princesses before breakfast


May 2012

May was a pretty eventful month which means...a lot of photos!
I started off the month making a BIG announcement, that I was pregnant! I told a few close friends here in Moscow back in February cause I just couldn't keep it in, but I decided to wait to tell my family so I could tell them in person during my trip to Utah and just totally surprise them - I'm all about surprises. Well, that didn't quite happen as planned. My trip kept getting delayed so I ended up taking this photo and sending it to them. Still fun.


A Visit with Abby

I did finally make my way to Utah and instead of stopping at Allie's house in Melba where the sickness was, I stopped in Burley and stayed the night with the Muirs - Ashley, Alex, and Abby. It was so fun to be with them again and the girls had great time playing together. They danced, played with toys, we went to a bounce house, and then out to lunch before I took started heading to Utah again. I didn't have my camera unpacked so all these came from my phone, so handy!



Bailey and I made it safely to Utah and tried not to have too much fun without Mark. We were there for a week, then Mark came down after finals for another week, then we all drove back together. While we were there it was Bailey's actual Birthday - May 9th. I wanted to do something on her actual day, so my mom got a little cake and we let her open her "big" present from my parents, a bike!


City Creek

My mom and I took a day and spent it at the new outdoor mall in Salt Lake called City Creek. That place is amazing! Fountains, shiny new stores with tiles and walls that sparkle (Nordstrom), a creek that runs through the entire place, a sky bridge over Main Street with a nice view of the temple, and an awesome kids play area at the food court.


Children's Museum

Mark made it into town and we spent the next few days cramming as much fun into one week as we possibly could, and even got to go on a few dates just us! We started off at the Children's Museum at the Gateway. We used to go the old museum when I was a kid and I loved it, so I was really excited to bring Bailey to the new one. She was a little young for a lot of things but we still had fun.

We got to explore a life flight helicopter, play "Weatherman", and explore the toddler area where they had a house, cars, grocery store, balls, and water table.


The Park & Nana's House

One night we went to the Bountiful City Park to play and to see the Chalk Festival. We were a little early for the Chalk Festival, usually they have a bunch of really cool chalk artwork everywhere, but the artists weren't ready yet.

We spent another day of our trip at Mark's parents house just playing all day. The girls (Bailey, Rora, Addie) played outside in the pool, the swing set, played in the playhouse, and of course ate lots of watermelon! I love the photo of the Bailey and the phone and watermelon, it just screams "SUMMER"!



Another day of our trip we spent at Trafalga with Mark's family. This is always a favorite of ours, and it gets more and more fun as Bailey get older. The spray gun boats were probably the highlight of the night, I hadn't laughed that hard in a while! You just go around in your boat spraying everyone! Bailey was in my boat with me and she didn't have that great of a time, but spraying Mark and was a blast! We also did the swinging boat ride, go carts, Dip & Dots ice cream, the "Frog" ride, and arcade games. Can't wait to go again!

"Avoid the Lasers" Game, this is also Bailey's "trick"/cool dance move

We couldn't get her off the "Frog Hopper"! She rode it like six times in a row!


Bailey's Birthday Party

While in Utah we had a little family birthday party for Bailey with both of our families. We all met at the Walsh Farm and had dinner, presents, cake, and busted out Bailey's new bubble machine. What a great toy. I think every kid needs a bubble machine, just look at those faces! They loved it!


Utah Playtime

Here are just some random photos of our playtime in Utah.

Time with Grandpa, sprinklers, and playing with her new Birthday toys



We stopped in Melba on our way back to Moscow. My original plan was to stop at Allie's house on the way down for about a week, but due some sickness going around we bypassed Allie's and went straight to Burley to the Muir's house. Unfortunately, we were only able to spend about 24 hours at Allie's before we had to go back to Moscow for Mark to start his internship. During those 24 hours the kids played in the dirt, we went on 4-wheeler rides, and they blessed Aubrey, so we were happy to be a part of that. Always a good time in Melba!


It's a GIRL!

Soon after we got back to Moscow, we had our ultrasound to find out the gender of our new baby. I was so excited, nervous, and had all sorts of emotions running through me! Not only did I want to find out the gender, but to know the overall health/status of the baby. It's a big appointment! I totally thought we were going to have a boy and geared myself up for the words "It's a boy" but the tech said it was a GIRL and I was so surprised! I started to cry right there, not sad tears, just happy tears. I love that Bailey will have a sister and they can be best friends. Mark and I were also very grateful to hear that everything was ok with the baby and she was in good health.

Waiting for the doc, and our baby GIRL!
(as of right now, 5 weeks before my due date, we still don't have a name)


Farmer's Market and Dinner

One of our favorite things in the summer in Moscow is the Farmer's Market every Saturday. This was our first time going this season. That donut stand gets us every time, plus the fun entertainment and the playground makes for a great day.

Another favorite of ours is Sunday dinner with good friends! We really got to spend some quality time this summer with our friends the Puffpaffs and Bailey still talks about them today. This day the kids played outside with squirt guns...Bailey loved it! And I tried a new recipe making apple crisp in jars.


Moscow Walk and Instagrams

Lastly for May is another Moscow walk, I love the all the green in the Springtime here. It doesn't last for too long before the fields turn golden and get cut down, so we take advantage.

Last but not least are all the Instagrams from May! Here's the month in a mini recap of photos.

Whew! May was busy!