Rewind: March 2011

Playing a little catch up now just to do some documenting. Here's what happened in March:

Bailey turned 10 months

Here's our monthly photoshoot, I couldn't get her to sit and look and smile anymore, so I just let her play. I love that she's in her onesie, it reminds me that she's still my little baby!

Here are some of the fun things she did
 I tamed the mohawk, finally! Her top hair got long enough to either comb over and clip it with a barrette, or make a little ponytail, this photo has a few fly aways from her nap

Could bite through cookies, hold a bottle, got a new sippie cup with a straw, and self feeding everything else

Started walking around the furniture, especially our new storage ottoman that replaced the coffee table (I LOVE the ottoman, all the toys are put away and no one would even know a baby lives here!)

Loved watching the water fill up in the tub and squealed everytime

 Loved the indoor play place
Pointed to everything

Found some new toys
Her sleeping routine was still 12 hours at night and two naps in the day. I would hum her a song and give her her "snuggle", then I'd lay in her crib. She would then rub her face in her "snuggle" and fall right to sleep. Then started trying to get her snuggle out of her crib... 

Could say mama, dada, and baba (bottle)

She really started to understand words, I would say one of her toys and she would go get it
Played hide and seek with us - we'd go hide and call for her and she'd come find us then race back to the living room
We sure love this little girl!


Where we live

This was one of the first days that it was actually warm in Moscow so we went for a walk. Don't worry, the warmth didn't last long, but at least you get to see the beautiful view from our apartment! Right now all that is super green and even more beautful.



Somewhere I saw a self a portrait project, it talked about how it's good to also document YOU along with your kids. As you can see, we have a lot of photos of Bailey and not much of Mark and I so I thought I'd try it. Here's how it turned out.


UCreate Giveaway

In March I did a giveaway on a popular DIY craft blog called UCreate. I was so excited to do something like this, it was a first for me. I offered to give a $50.00 gift certificate to one lucky winner and a 20% discount coupon code to everyone for the last two weeks of March. This ended up in a flood of orders, it was crazy! Lots of really late nights and super productive naptimes.

In the end I had record sales for any month on Etsy, what a blessing. I tried to link up the blog post so you could see it, but it doesn't work anymore, it just talked about me and my business, the products, and had some photos. You should just go check out Ucreate anyway and see what a great blog it is!

Bailey helped with the packing and shipping  


Day Trip to Spokane

Mark had his Spring Break in March, an entire week off of school! What did we do? Well Mark studied every day which is what all 1st year law students do, but on Saturday we took a day trip to Spokane. We pretty much just went shopping at a few malls - yes, a few malls - then went out to dinner to Chili's. I was so excited to go shopping somewhere other than Ross and Old Navy. My favorites were GAP: super good baby sale, and Nordstrom Rack: super good prices, of course.

These were the only photos we took, awesome right?


Relief Society Birthday

Relief Society was organized March 17, 1842 so our ward had a Relief Society Birthday party to celebrate. We had three stations: card making, floral arranging, and cake decorating, then a presentation. I'm on the Enrichment Committee so I offered to do the cake decorating station. I taught our sisters how to fill a bag of frosting the easy way, how to do a sprial top, fluffy rosette top, roll sprinkles, drop flowers, leaves, and pearls.

It was fun for me to get back into cake decorating and do something other than jewelry - but remember this was during the most busy time for jewelry so it was fun, but also quite stressful. Somehow I managed to bake all the cupcakes, make like 12 batches of frosting, and premake all the little flowers. It was a lot of work, but everyone had a good time and they turned out really cute!


The last two Sunday Snapshots in March

Sunday snapshot 3-20-2011

Sunday Snapshot 3-27-2011

I have loved this little skirt on Bailey and this is the last time she wore it! It was pretty tight on her this time around so I didn't bring it to Utah with me for the summer. I'm glad I got some cute photos of her in it for the last time!


Birthday Day Pictures


As mentioned before, it was Bailey's Birthday on Monday and we didn't have a party. We'll have a party when Mark comes to Utah and all our family is in town the first week of June. And let me just tell you, I'm trying to hold back the excitement of putting on a birthday party for my little girl! I mean isn't this what I was born to do?

Anyway, I really felt like doing something on her real birthday, so I photographed the entire day. Here's what we did on her special day:


with a Birthday hat
(yes, I know I skipped breakfast, that's becuase my mom let me sleep in after a long weekend!)




trying to put her headband back on



DINNER (real milk for the first time)

can you believe that's her one year ago!?

I thought I'd just let her pick out anything, ended up with bubbles and some clothes

we couldn't wait so grandma gave her a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse book that plays the theme song and grandpa gave her a set of Mickey and Minnie keys
she liked the box and bow a little more at first

it plays the "Hot Dog" song and she started dancing

Ok, so if you're a mom, you know that most of this really isn't different than any other day!
And I love it!

Happy Birthday Bailey!

Today is Bailey's 1st Birthday! I can't believe I have a little toddler now instead of a tiny baby. I've had a lot of "this time last year" moments throughout the week and read my delivery story again found here. Funny thing is I just cleaned up the Beehive Bazaar jewelry booth on Saturday and was way stressed out all week - just like last year.

Tomorrow I'll post what we did today. I've been photographing the entire day! We miss our daddy and will have an official party when he comes to Utah and celebrate with the rest of our families as well - probably in June.

We love you Bailey! Here's a look back, notice how I haven't been able to get a picture of her just sitting there looking at the camera since February. She's into everything!

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