Halloween 2010


In previous years I would spend all month thinking about what I was going to dress up as for Halloween. Working as an elementary teacher I pretty much had to, the kids loved seeing their teachers dressed up. This year I loved seeing my own kid dressed up! Bailey's costume was a cow given to us by Mark's mom, so cute! Here's how we celebrated this year.

On the 29th we went to the only mall in town and went trick-or-treating. I felt a little awkward going to each store getting candy with Bailey's trick-or-treating bag while Mark and Bailey stood off in the distance, but then again, I love candy so it wasn't too bad. We met up with some friends in the ward and we all went out to eat after.

Clark the Shark, Bailey the Cow, and Abby the Witch!

On the 30th our ward had a little Halloween activity. We had soup in bread bowls and there was a cake walk, donuts on a string, fishing, and face painting for the kids. It was a little cramped but we had fun. We also got to see more babies in costumes which I love! Look at these babies!
If you couldn't tell I dressed up as a ballerina (thank goodness for 9 years of old dance costumes) and Mark dressed up as, um, a Bears fan?

Ashley and I with Abby and Bailey

Of course I had to have a little photo shoot with Bailey in her cow costume. She was a little hesitant at first, like, "What are you doing mom? Why are you putting me in a basket, what are these things?" But it was well worth the it! I also took pictures of her in the Halloween pajamas that Aunt Allie gave her.

"Hi mom! I'm a cow!"

Love the cheeseball face - lower right.
Look at that drool!

On the 31st, actual Halloween, we went to church. That's all. We had some kids come to the door and I gave them candy, but then Bailey went to bed so Mark put a sign out that said we were all out, sorry kids. All in all we had a GREAT Halloween!