Bird Watching

I got my parents a bird feeder this summer. They have such a pretty backyard with trees, a garden, flowers, and now a bird feeder. Bailey loved to watch the birds from the window and say, "Birrr!" We were all really surprised how many birds it brought, even a little family of quail.

The wind really kicked up!


Bathroom Remodel, Finally.

I have been asking my mom if I could take down the wallpaper in the bathroom for past 15 years. I've been threatening her that one day she'd come home and it would all be gone. That never happened. She actually let me take it down! She just said, "By the way, anytime you want to the take the wallpaper down, do it." Yes! It only took about an hour. Here's what it looked like.

My parents are now in the process of getting new everything. Finally! Can you believe those globe lights!?! They are original to the house, circa 1970.


July 6, 2011: Las Vegas Trip

During our trip to St. George we decided to take a last minute, quick trip to Las Vegas. It all started when we were watching "Pawn Stars" and thought, "We should go there!" So we did. I researched all the fun, free, kid things to do before leaving and planned it all out. Then we bought a $15 stroller at WalMart (probably the best purchase of the entire trip) and headed out.

First stop was the Pawn Shop, we thought since we got there early we might be able to get in. Nope, the line was already wrapped around the side and they said it would be an hour wait until they were done taping a show. That wouldn't work with a baby, so I just snapped a photo through the glass door and we left.

Next up was lunch and shopping at Caesar's Palace and then the gardens and aquarium at the Mirage. 

We walked down the strip to the Flamingo and saw the waterfalls, flamingos, and huge goldfish. 

Then we walked down to the M&M World, I thought I was going to pass out from heat exhaustion. I don't think I will ever walk the strip in the middle of the day in July. Bailey did great though, we kept giving her cold water and snacks and loading up the sun screen. We cooled off at the exhibit then headed out again on the strip.

Last on our list of fun kid things was the Lion exhibit at the MGM Grand. I didn't even know this existed! Lions are Bailey's favorite animals, it was her first animal sound too, so we saved the best for last. This exhibit has glass walls and then a glass walk through to see the lions from below. Bailey growled the entire time! 

We were able to walk back to Caesar's Palace by going through the hotels on the other side of the street. Thank heavens. We saw the Bellagio fountains, ate dinner at the Cheesecake Factory and I even got to step in H&M for a few minutes. Bailey didn't nap the entire time and conked out as soon as we got home, and so did we.


July 4, 2011: Splash Pad!

This is the new splash pad in downtown St. George. Bailey loved it! We first went on Independence Day just in our regular clothes. We didn't know if it was something to wear swim suites to, well, yep, it was! We came again more prepared. There's river/sandstone rocks all over to match the landscape, waterfalls, stairs with water and spouts, and a fountain. Perfect place for babies and toddlers!

There's even a new carousel! How fun!

And now for the pool. We got Bailey a little bumble bee floaty, but she liked "swimming" with us more and blowing bubbles under the water.


July 4, 2011: Independence Day in St. George

The three of us went to St. George for almost a week over the 4th of July. It was so much fun to have a mini vacation just the three of us. We stayed in the Thompson's condo and relaxed in the pool, visited the new splash pad downtown, saw a few fireworks, slept, ate, slept some more, watched TV and even took a quick day trip to Vegas!

On Monday, the actual 4th of July, we strolled around the city festival. There were a lot of craft booths, fair games and rides, and food. Non of which we participated in. We just looked around and let Bailey play in the grass.

Bailey loved putting Mark's hat on, silly girl.

We made our own fun at the condo: a play fort and a new seat for Bailey to watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse in. 

This girl even started STANDING on her own while we were there and took her first steps!
(14 months)

As I was taking photos of Bailey just playing, I said, "Bailey, say cheese!" and she stopped and looked at the camera and smiled and tried to say cheese. Now if only she would do that every time...


The Rest of June 2011

The rest of June was a great as the first of June. Grandpa's funeral brought everyone home again and we had fun in the pool and hanging out. I haven't seen this much of family in over a year! Here's what we did:

More Pool Time with Owen!
This little man was the complete opposite of Bailey in the pool. Climbing all over, jumping in and out, he was all over the place! My parents also got the kids little chairs to sit in. Again, they were the complete opposite. Owen sat in the chair for a few seconds and then he was off. Bailey could sit there all day, and if it weren't for snacks and naps she probably would!

Playtime in Grandma's living room - Grandma wasn't used to this at all.
Owen and Bailey also got to play with Uncle Mike and all his cool gadgets.

Now for some random photos of Bailey.
This girl loves phones, purses, bracelets, bows, and necklaces. This day we were going to the mall, how fitting!

 Still into everything

We spent many days looking out of Grandma's window at the....

neighbor's cat. 

Plus plenty of fun in the sun!