July 4, 2010: Independence Day

Independence Day was a little different this year: no parades, no fireworks, no selling jewelry at the Freedom Festival. Instead we walked around and actually enjoyed the Freedom Festival, spent time with Mark's family, and played with Bailey which all beat any parade, fireworks, or selling jewelry. Mark had quite a bit of time off of work and stayed home with us relaxing over the holiday weekend.

On Sunday we had our usual Sunday dinner at Mark's grandpa's house. I just love Bailey's 4th of July outfit, my cousin Lindsay gave it to us at a family baby shower.

Bailey: 2 Months
Bailey and Mark taking a nap

On Monday we met up with Mark's family at a ranch in Alpine. We basically sat around and enjoyed the scenery, watched the kids play, and finished up the day with great food and games.

 It kinda looks like they're praying.
 This girl makes us laugh! Silly Alayna
 I love 4th of July desserts! Mini cheesecakes like a flag, sadly the powdered sugar melted on the strawberries for the white stripes.

Dear Bailey,

You are one funny little girl. We’ve had some trouble lately feeding you with a bottle. You just seem to want to play with it in your mouth and discover the world around you. The most frustrating is when you start to drink and then look up at us, you realize it’s your mom and dad and smile with milk drooling all over your chin - frustrating but absolutely adorable.

Love you,



Ok it's fixed, for the most part. Thanks Marky.


WARNING: I messed this blog up so bad I'm ready to pay someone to fix it for me! How do I get rid of this stupid template that blogger has? I wan't my old blog back! It took me forever to get it the way I wanted it.

The Blessing Dress

Bailey was blessed on May 30th, 2010 in her Grandma Hadley's Christening dress (my mom converted to the church later), I took these photos a few weeks after. I really wanted to document this special dress, It's over 60 years old and it was all handmade. My mom added the little flowers on the front due some issues while cleaning it, but other than that it's all original.

June 23, 2010: A Trip to Moscow... Our New Home

Mark, Bailey and I took a weekend trip to Moscow to check out the law school that will take over Mark's life for three years, and find an apartment. I know what you're thinking. Moscow, Russia? NOPE, Moscow, Idaho. It's way up north by Spokane, Washington. Mark's brochure for the school mentioned things to do while in Moscow. It listed Spokane, Washington, Canada, Missoula, Montana, the coast line... basically everything outside of Idaho! We had a good laugh about that.
It's a nasty 10 hour drive from Salt Lake but with a baby that needs to eat every 3 hours it turns into a 14 hour drive. We split it up and stayed in Boise with Mark's Grandparents on the way up and stayed with Allie and Hyrum in Melba on the way down. We also brought my mom along and dropped her off with Allie.
Grandma and Grandpa Thompson

We accomplished what we came to do and found 2 apartments. One $800 a month house that's old and nothing included, and one $540 a month place that's a complex, new, safe, A/C and has young families all around. Hmmm, with which one would be the best us? Of course we wanted the cheaper one, but it's subsidised housing which we would qualify for after we both stop receiving pay checks. We had to fill out a ton of paper work and explain that we were both quiting our jobs and would be income-less starting August 5th. It was a long 3 weeks before we found out if got it or not. BUT WE DID!!! We were so excited! This place, Hillside Village, is awesome. I'll post pictures of Moscow and the apartment when we actually move there the first week of August.
A little taste of the area...

We tried the baby carrier out for the first time, it was so cute to see Bailey in there with Mark! (thanks Amy and Brandon)

Our stay in Melba was pretty fun. We rode the Zeyer's four wheelers, took a tour of Melba which you can take here on Allie's blog, went to church with the Zeyers, Hyrum took us to an old bridge that he used to play on and showed us some hieroglyphs that are super old. It was a great weekend and it was great to see Allie 8 months pregnant!
Allie and Hyrum's farm house, this is the house Hyrum's family grew up in.

Bailey getting to know her cousin "Baby Zeyer"

The little farm house doesn't have A/C so Bailey was super sleepy, I love this picture. Notice the diaper almost bursting through her onesie.

I love her little toes peeping out.
Bailey was a trooper through all the driving, she was a bit mad at us here like, "Excuse me, why have I been in this seat ALL DAY?"
Just before we left. For some reason I'm doing a sweet dancer pose, just missing the jazz hands.

June 20, 2010: 5-6 Week Update

5 Week Milestones
  • She’s grown out of her newborn diapers and into size 1
  • Grown out of some of her newborn clothes, including my favorite “Berry Cute” onesie!
  • Smiles more and more
  • Her eyelashes are longer, darker, and beautiful
  • Loves to hold her head up while we burp her, she acts so surprised when she’s in that position, like whatever is behind me is so exciting (the kitchen?)
  • She feels heavier and looks longer, I can tell she’s growing fast
  • We try to go out every day and do something: post office, bank, grocery store, shopping
  • I still can’t stop taking pictures of her! I revived my digital SLR camera and have been taking “good” photos lately
  • Nicknames: Miss Bailey, Bailey Girl, Sweetie (that one goes for Mark and I too)

I just love her so much!!!

"I get what I want, when I want it... got it?"
Looks like a boy here, but I love her facial expression.

Dear Bailey,

 This was our first “photo shoot” together. You were originally in a little onsie and I was just holding you, but then you started to smile and make all sorts of facial expressions. I was so excited! I quickly pulled out the camera to start taking pictures. You kept going and going with the smiles and I just ate it up. You were so fun, this was one of my favorite days this month.

 Love you,


Photo shoot over.