Rewind: April 2011

More catch up, April seems like forever ago but here's what we did: 

Bailey turned 11 months

This girl is growing up way too fast! Here are some fun firsts that happened in April:

She could say more, mama, dadee and tries to say duckie, hot dog, baby, bunnny - her favorite toy she got for Easter.
Mimicked me a lot - brushing hair, putting toys in and out of things. One time I showed her how to put something small in a cup then she could shake it to make a sound. She loved it! Now tries to put everything into cups.
Plays hide and seek with us and gets excited when we say "I'm gunna to get you!"
Loves playing with dad and points to him and says "Dadee!"
She also...
Clapped when excited, she would crawl a few feet, then clap, then crawl, then clap
For some reason stopped liking baths for a while and SCREAMED every time
Eats everything we eat for dinner and loves ravioli, mac and cheese, grapes, and bananas
Clapped on command or when I started to say "Patty Cake"
Dances to the "Hot Dog Song" on Mickey Mouse Clubhouse

One morning Mark and I both went to get her after a nap (that doesn't happen much), she was standing up and when she saw both of us she started clapping her hands over her head and said, "Ooooooh!" We laughed so hard!

We sure love this little girl!


12 Month Well Baby Check-up

Weight 19 lbs, 23%
(was 17.1lbs 15% at 9 months, 27% at 6 months, 45% at 4 months)

Height 27.5in, 13%
(was 27.3in 31% at 9 months, 69% at 6 months, 76% at 4 months)

I knew we were going to Utah before Bailey turned 12 months so I had to bring her in before we left. Checkups have never gone well with Bailey. She gets really nervous and scared and starts screaming when the nurse and doctor touch her. We were able to somewhat get a head circumference, and the height by me laying her down and then putting some of my body weight on top of her too - like I was still holding her but not.
Then we attempted to weigh her. What a nightmare, she hadn't screamed like that in a long time. She was naked and always trying to roll off the baby scale, but it's one of those metal old fashioned ones that if she did roll off she'd fall 4 feet. So we gave up and did the weigh me, weigh the both of us, then subtract. So who knows how accurate that is.
I got her to calm down a little for Dr. Ruby while he checked her ears and eyes by playing home videos on the camera and letting her hold it. I also brought her bunny and her "snuggles" for comfort.

After all that we topped of the appointment with some shots. Poor baby!


Our fun little Bunco group
I decided to volunteer to host Bunco in April with my friend Ashley F. I love Bunco! We all get together, eat some snacks/treats, play the game then tally up the points and give out prizes! We came up with the theme "Colorific" so everything was pink, yellow, and green, and you prize to give away had to be those colors too. I brought jewelry of course. Ashley did great with the decorations and setting up her apartment and we both helped with the food. So fun!



We didn't do much for Easter, in fact, we really didn't do anything at all. It happened to fall on a busy week for the both of us. Luckily I won an Easter basket and candy at Bunco (thanks Julie) and Bailey loved it! I gave Bailey her Easter present early cause I just couldn't wait - the tan bunny and she loves it.

I do plan on making some fun family traditions for Easter when Bailey and our future kids get older. Hiding Easter baskets, coloring eggs, and of course explaining the meaning of Easter.

Here's the "Sunday Snapshot" for Easter Sunday, I was busy trying to pack for the move to Utah, and Bailey was so nice to help. I left the next day.


Melba - Halfway There
Aunt Allie gave Bailey a little present, bubbles and big girl band aids!

Ahhh, Melba Idaho, that's halfway from Moscow, ID to Centerville, UT. I left Moscow on April 25th, Mark didn't leave until May 22nd, we came to Utah for the summer for Mark to do an internship with his uncle in Salt Lake City. I left early with Bailey to do some jewelry shows in Utah in hopes to make some money for us. I wasn't too worried about traveling with Bailey, she's always been pretty good on road trips, and thanks to a last minute, overnight shipped DVD player, it was a breeze!

It took about 8 hours, but it really flew by, whenever Bailey was cranky I just plugged in the player. I listened and sang to GLEE soundtracks the entire way. Perfect. (thanks Ashley)

We spent 2 days with the Zeyers. Bailey was, um, really scared of her cousin Owen at first. She cried every time he got within her "personal space" and bolted for me. But by the end of our stay and a couple baths together she didn't seem to mind him too much. We had lots of fun! Then I made my way onto Centerville, shorter drive - 6 hours, but really boring.

Roasting Easter Peeps in the wood burning stove, YUM!


Thanksgiving Point and the Tulip Festival

This was my first jewelry show back in Utah, it was one I hadn't done before, but I had been to the Tulip Festival before. When I went to the festival a few years ago was very pretty, it seemed like a great attraction and a lot of people would be there. Nope. This was pretty much a complete bust.
The week before and the week after was gorgeous weather, but my week it rained, snowed, hailed, and was about 40* as the high. I set up my booth on Friday morning and went home a few hours later, my feet were numb! Luckily I have an "over prepared" husband and there was a winter coat and gloves in the car. Saturday was about the same but I came with my mom's winter boots on. This was so different from how I expected it to go. I didn't even make my money back from what I paid to be in the show, ahhh shucks! I kept thinking that I've done super good at other shows and it was probably my turn to have a lemon. Oh well, you win some and lose some right?

Wind beaten hair and delicious hot chocolate


Sunday Snapshots

Sunday Snapshot 4-3-201: General Conference

Sunday Snapshot 4-10-2011

My first attempt at the trendy "repourposing" something. I found some tank tops at Old Navy for like $2.00 so I made a dress and hair thing for Bailey with one. Now we can be matchy matchy!