July 31, 2011: Melba

Towards the end of July we took a trip to Melba for Owen’s 1st birthday (Allie and Hyrum’s 1st). We spent the weekend up there and Mark even got to come along since it was Pioneer day in Utah. I’ll admit, sometimes we get bored in Melba, but then Hyrum lets Mark ride his motorcycle, the boys go fishing, I photograph everything, we watch the babies play, and this time I even got on a dirt bike! So it turns out there are lots of things to do there you just have to make your own fun sometimes!

I've been wanting to practice lens flare for a while and I got some good chances on the farm as the sun went down. (Lens flare is the effect of the sun reflecting off the lens and creating colorful spots on the image)

This year Hyrum's dad planted corn instead of beans, talk about being secluded!



July 2011 A Few Random Photos

Yep, these are just some random photos of playtime with Bailey. I always have my camera out to capture these fun moments and I'm glad that I take so many photos each month (like over 1,000 per month). I love going through them and remembering the fun times I have taking care of our little girl. It also reminds me how much I love photography.

Oh yeah, and this is what my lunches looked like most days. Yum!


July 31, 2011: Owen's Birthday

Owen’s birthday party was lots of fun! How can it not be with a crazy boy like Owen? Allie made a fun construction cake and put on a “burger bar” for everyone. We ate delicious burgers, watched the kiddos in the pool – Owen just crawled right in, and then watched Owen open presents and explore his cake. I laugh every time I see some of these pictures of Owen, we love him!

Watching a show with Grandpa before the party

The Burger Bar

Grandma Hadley couldn't resist getting Bailey a little present too :)

 After the cake, Allie and Hyrum announced baby #2 due March 1st! I love each of their expressions in this photo. It was a surprise...to everyone!

And my favorite photo from the party.


July 2011 Another pool day...with a new do!

The photos say it all.
By the way, these were SOOTC (straight out of the camera).


July 2011 Standing!

In July Bailey got the confidence to start standing on her own. We would put a blanket on the floor and tell her to stand up on it. It was then always referred to as “The Stand-up Blanket”. She would only stand up on that particular blanket. We’d even tell her to stand up and she’d crawl over to the blanked and tug at it until we put it on the floor. Then she’d put on her show: stand up, look at us, smile, clap, then fall down and repeat.


July 2011 She Loves those Swings

Bailey and I took a few trips to the park this summer just to swing on the swing. This day we got a snow cone to share for me to eat. As you can see she loves swings, and snow cone straws.


July 9, 2011 Rora's Birthday!

My little niece, “Rora” (Ben and Leslie’s girl #2) turned the big 1 in July! Rora and Bailey are exactly 2 months apart. We celebrated with Mark’s family and watched as she dug into her cute cupcake cake that Leslie made. She just watched all of us watching her like it was no big deal to eat this ginormous cake! So cute, we love you Rora!