January 2011

Here's the monthly rundown!


In January Bailey turned 8 months, here’s our monthly photo shoot.
(I'm getting a bit more creative)


Some milestones:
Crawling – not just a scoot/crawl, actual crawling, pulls herself up to kneeling, and a little standing here and there

This all means she’s into everything
Feeds herself and holds her sippie cup
LOVES the blinds, strings, mirrors, her night light and blows raspberries on everything – including my cheek, Mark and I laughed so hard!
Sits up in the bath
Bites the spoon and blows out her food - fun for us!
Loved her new polka dot sheets
Still loves books, and the TV, she even watched it sideways for a while
She also...
Scoots back when excited, hops on knees, squeals at naptime
Can go from sitting to crawling back to sitting
Crawls to my feet and yells until I pick her up
Reaches for mom when dad is holding her…mamma’s girl (for now)
Totally on a bottle and sleeping 12 hours at night no more middle of night wakings! Yay!
Lunges for her crib, grabs her snuggle and falls right to sleep
Four top teeth and two bottom teeth
Still pulling her hair when she eats… any tips on how to break that?



On New Year’s Day my family went to the Living Planet Aquarium. I know what you’re thinking, “UTAH has an aquarium?” that’s what I thought the first time too. I was actually quite impressed. They had a giant octopus, jelly fish, sting rays you could pet, bright tropical fish, frogs, an electric eel that could light up a Christmas tree, baby alligators, penguins, and an anaconda that we watched kill and eat a rabbit. Oooh cool huh? I can’t wait until Bailey’s older and can have fun at these kinds of things. Allie and I will act like children until then.


Family Photos

My family took advantage of the 2 days we had with everyone there and took some quick family photos before Mark and I left for Moscow. Here’s a few.

I'm super cheese in this one.

 Hyrum, Allie, and Owen
 Love how these came out, look how beautiful these two are!



Sadly our Christmas break and stay in Utah had to come to an end. We started driving back on January 2nd, stayed the night at Allie and Hyrum’s house in Melba while they were still back in Utah, then continued on to Moscow. The roads were like an ice skating rink and we both decided that we’d fly next time – especially after figuring out that it would cost the same to fly and rent a car!



We were actually really excited to go back home to Moscow, why? Not just to sleep in our own bed and walk around in our underwear (what?!?) but because we moved to that apartment we wanted! They had an opening and we took it! So we started packing and moving on the 4th, cleaned and checked out of the old place on the 7th, and everything was in its place and put away by the 10th – all but 2 boxes and a laundry basket. It was a lot of work in the snow and I had bruises, chipped nails, cracked and bleeding hands, sore muscles and Mark was the same. Bailey cried A LOT and I thought it was because she was used to being held for all of December, later I found two upper teeth and felt bad for the little girl! She was teething the entire time and I didn’t even think it could be that! But we all made it through and it was actually a lot easier than our first move in August. I still can’t believe we did it all in 6 days.

Welcome Home!


Mark started school again on the 10th and we got back to our regular lives. Here’s what else we did in January.


Jewelry: Tom Design

Well jewelry slowed down quite a bit in January after all the holidays, which I expected. I took this time to take a little break from the stress of December. I did have some brides contact me for bridesmaid’s jewelry – I love making wedding jewelry! I mean I love weddings, so what could be better than helping these girls with theirs? Plus all brides get a discount… we both win! I also replenished my inventory and came up with some new spring products. So I guess I really didn’t take THAT much of a break.

A wedding order

The start of some new products.... just you wait!


Crafty Things

As mentioned above, jewelry slowed down in January so I had some “free time” to complete a few projects and ideas I’ve had spinning around in my head. The end of January I started to use my SLR camera more, yeah, the one I got almost five years ago! I love the way the photos come out when you have complete control over the camera - you can make the photographs come out exactly how you want them. So I photographed some projects (I'll post those projects later) and made a goal to use my SLR camera for everything, not just formal photos. Some photos in this post were taken with my SLR most were not, but February is full o' them!
I use my SLR for all of the photo shoots with Bailey. Can you tell which other photos are SLR and which are point and shoot? I can.


A few more things

I should mention that Mark and I received new callings in our ward. Mark is the Elder’s Quorum Secretary, and I’m part of the Relief Society Meetings Committee. Bishop didn’t know what my calling was and neither did I, I just accepted it. I found out later that I’m on the “Enrichment” committee, but they don’t call it that anymore. I’m excited to have this calling! We’ve already planned some fun things for the spring.

I also had fun with friends at our monthly Bunco night – I won some super comfy pants (thanks Hollie D.), and got back together with our play group babies and friends. Moscow is really starting to feel like home for us.

December 2010

What!?! Am I actually posting again? That's right, time to catch up on December 2010

Our Miss Bailey turned 7 months during December, here's our monthly photo shoot.

 Sometimes they don't always work out how I want them
Bottom teeth came through, accompanied with a lot of crying and baby Tylenol  
Eating all the baby foods, some bread
She's the same size as Owen who was 5 months, I gave them those tooth brushes for Christmas
Better at reach/crawling, it looked more like the worm with a belly flop, started to rock on knees, still got stuck under and around things
Sat up better
Loved Grandma’s snow globe, kitchen items, ladle, spoons, old cell phone, and tin with beads – we had to get creative during the stay in Utah
Sat in a booster seat at a restaurant – what a big girl!
Loved the wrapping paper at Christmas
Was away from mom for the longest period of time ever: 8 hours, I almost went nuts
Was away from dad for the longest period of time ever: 2 weeks, she didn’t know him when he came but warmed right up!
Didn't like baths at Grandma's house for some reason until the last two weeks
Still liked being naked!
Used mom's make-up bag as a toy box, we do this every day together now...well every day I put on make-up
Met Santa for the 1st time at our ward Christmas party in Moscow
She also...
Fed herself for the 1st time
Started weaning with daddy’s help
Mohawk still stoods straight up on its own
Played in our bed with us every morning, loved that
Still sleeping 12 hours, waking once to eat, 3 naps
Wanted (and still does) whatever I last touched
Still likes strings on things and anything she can pull on like my hair, or her own hair

This was probably the most developmental month so far. She did so many fun things, we love watching her grow!



I went to bed at 2:00am, Bailey woke up at 3:00am, left the house at 6:30am for our flight!
 As you may have guessed, I went home for Christmas a little early. I flew in December 4th with my friend Ashley and her baby Abby - her family lives in Salt Lake. They made the flight so much better for me and Bailey! Mark drove in December 18th after law finals, and we all drove back together January 2nd. It was really nice for that month; we had plenty of baby sitters and lots of fun! Here’s what we did:


Jewelry Round 2

I decided that I should bring ALL of my jewelry supplies with me on the plane as a carry on – besides a baby and diaper bag - because since I updated my online Etsy shop I was getting a lot of orders and didn’t want to miss out on any good opportunities for us to actually have some income. IT’S A GOOD THING I DID. I spent those two weeks without Mark in my parent’s basement at a card table making jewelry, sending e-mails, and waiting in tremendously long lines at the post office. My parents watched Bailey during all of this and I was incredibly grateful for that, I couldn’t have done it all without their help. Orders still came in after Mark arrived but it slowed down since it was getting close to Christmas. I had record sales for any month ever (or total year) on Etsy and made enough to pay for Christmas and two months of living expenses for us. What a blessing. I’m so grateful that I can do this for my family and help us stay out of debt, I’m grateful for all the wonderful customers and people who have supported me through this – especially Bailey and Mark. Sometimes I just don’t get to spend the time I want to with them. Now I know what it can be like with online sales and I look forward to expanding my shop!



Besides jewelry, I got to spend time with Centerville friends going out to eat, playing with my friends and their babies from teaching school, and hanging out with my parents while Mark was finishing finals. These little babies have grown so much, and we finally have a picture with Samuel Gadd! Remember the preggo pictures?
December 2010
May 2010
February 2010
 Hanging out with my parents


Once Mark came it was full on family time - but our own little family time came first  :)  Mark got Bailey to know him again and then we went shopping, had dates going out to eat and movies, and more shopping. I loved spending all this time with Mark! We never get this kind of time together; Mark works so hard in school I know he enjoyed the time together just as much me.

Then we spent time with our families. With Mark’s family we had a Joseph Smith Birthday Party put on by Ben and Leslie, family dinners, game nights, I did family photos for the Jones’ and they did a few for us, and lunch at Ikea.

Can't not have a picture of this little doll! Camry
With my family we hung out, visited Grandpa at his nursing home, had Christmas Eve at my Grandpa Hadley’s (this might be the last year there and I was so happy we still got to go there this year), went out to eat, had one family dinner with EVERYONE there and spent New Year’s Eve playing the Wii which was my parents’ first time, so funny! My mom really got into her tennis swing and a  few of us got bruises. We also went out to eat with some of Mark’s friends and visited his mission president, President Lewis. What a jammed packed holiday right!?!
Grandpa Hadley's home

 I went into the basement of Grandpa's house where I used to play growing up. What a flood of memories! I wondered if the games we used to play were still under this bed... they sure were! We spent hours playing Hungry, Hungry Hippo and the car garage!
 My mom sets a lovely table
 It was New Year's Eve after all
 Owen didn't really like the asparagus.
 Hyrum showed us Owen's new tricks!
 Allie and Hyrum opened presents on New Year's Eve when they came in since it was a Zeyer year for them
 Owen seemed to like it.



Did you think I forgot Christmas Day?! We split the day up and had the morning with the Hadley’s and then from noon on with the Thompsons. I love Christmas, and it’s getting even better with Bailey here with us. I can’t wait until she can open presents on her own and get excited for Santa come.

Christmas at my house included me, Mark, Bailey, Mike Jr., Mike Sr.(dad), and Doris (mom)
 My dad gave my mom a massage thingy
 Bailey got blocks, and a music/learning table
 Clinique goodies and a bathroom set for my new bathroom

 There were a few more people at Mark's house: Craig, Carol, Marcie, Carrie, Rick, Hollie & James: Shaylee, Ammon, Callie, Hyrum, Emma, Alayna; Jake & Camille: Isaac, Eliza, Camry; Ben & Leslie: Addie, Aurora; Mark & Debbie: Bailey count 'em up...that's 25 of us in the living room!
 The kids and grandkids are sending Craig and Carol on an Alaskan Cruise this spring! They were so surprised!
 The little girls always get dresses from Carol and Marcie, they get so excited! So cute!

 I love this picture, this is pretty much how it is Christmas Day!
 Bailey's dresses
  How many guys does it take to put on a hitch? hmmm 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
 Bailey and Alayna
 Some of the girl cousins
 I should mention that during our stay in Utah it snowed pretty bad one day. We all spent the night at the Thompson home except Carrie and James. There were 23 of us sleeping in that house!

Quick Family Photos at the Jones' House
(Mark's not a fan of this one, he didn't know he was slouching)

Stay tuned, next Up: January 2011