June 4, 2011: Bailey's Birthday Party!

The Girl

Bailey turned 1 on May 9th, but since Mark was still in Idaho finishing finals we waited until June to celebrate. We were able to have most of our family members on both sides come and enjoy the day with us, which was absolutely wonderful! I took tons of photos, so here's a little photo story of Bailey's big day: 

The Food and Decorations

Allie and I made tissue paper pom poms and streamers, I made the cupcakes and Bailey's cake, and my mom, Allie and I made a pasta salad, Asian salad, watermelon, and we got big sub sandwiches catered. We also had a huge duck pinata, Bailey LOVES ducks!

The People

From the Hadley side we had Mike and Doris (Grandpa and Grandma), Allie and Owen, and David and Joan - my uncle and aunt.
From the Thompson side we had Craig and Carol (Papa and Nana), Marcie, Carrie, the Sly family: Holly, James, Shaylee, Ammon, Callie, Hyrum, Emma, and Alyana; Leslie and her two daughters Addie and Aurora, and Rick and Robin - Mark's uncle and aunt. That makes 26 people to feed and entertain, full house!

The Gifts

Bailey was so lucky to get so many wonderful gifts from friends and family. She received a few dresses, stuffed animals, puzzles, a doll stroller, and fun wooden toys. (Thanks Allie for taking these!)

That's her "excited face"

The Cake

I made Bailey's birthday cake, flowers and all. It was a chocolate cake with butter cream frosting, yum! She had never had anything sweet like this before so I was really interested in how she'd like it, and we all guessed how she'd eat it. Well, we all guessed right. She just carefully picked and poked at it. I showed her how to eat it and gave her a handful and she gained some confidence. She also was very nice and shared some of it with her cousins Addie and Emma and Aunt Marcie. Once we gave her a fork she was all into it.

The Fun

I knew there would be more kids at Bailey's party that might get a little bored just watching her open gifts and eat cake. So I decided to get a pinata for them to bust open! All of Bailey's cousins love candy, and what kid wouldn't want to bust open a paper mache duck to get it? They all took turns going from youngest to oldest. Cute little Alayna took a little hit and by the time it got to Callie and Ammon it was open. Mark tied it back together so they could all take a few more hits, then he threw the candy into the field for them to find. Bailey continued to eat her cake on the grass, she didn't even get that messy!

All in all it was a great (kind of exhausting) day! We sure love this little girl!


June 1, 2011: Zoo Round Two

While Owen and Allie were in town for Bailey's birthday we hit up the Hogle Zoo. It was the second time for Bailey and I, but still lots of fun! I think the favorites this time were the elephants, giraffes, and of course the tigers. By this time in June Bailey could make a lion and tiger sound - a deep throat kind of growl. While we were at the zoo she pointed to the tiger and growled. But she would also make that sound every time I greeted her in the morning or other people at the store, I would just say, "Oh!? Are you a Lion?!" and she'd do it again. Funny girl.

They also have dinosaurs at the Hogle Zoo! 

This is Bailey's "Excited Face" all you have to say is, "Bailey, are you excited?" and she squeezes her hands in fists, holds her breath, shakes a little and grins. She loves performing it. This time I had her do while she ate her ice cream.

In my family, if you're not weird your not normal.

 Souvenirs from Grandma!

Ahhh, great day at the zoo!