September 2011

Yes, I'm still convinced that I can catch up on blogging. Even though it's January and I'm blogging September, I know I can do it! So here's what happened in September, mostly in photos.

Parks and an Ouch

I took Bailey to a park every day. We had a lot more time on our hands with it just being Bailey and I again, so we took advantage of the warm weather and sunshine while we could. By the way, Moscow is great in the parks department, there's like 15 parks in this tiny town!

Bailey had her first "ouch" from a sliver from a park outing. It was the biggest sliver I had ever seen. We had to pin her down and dig it out. Poor girl. Whenever we asked her where her "ouch" was she always pointed to her head...

Play Dates 

We had a few play dates in September, one was with Clark and Abby. These funny kids were so cute playing together!

Then Nayomee, Clark, Bailey and I took a little trip to Kendrick. We took the kids to a park for lunch first, then we went shopping at all the fun antique stores! My favorite store had all their antiques displayed by color. Now that's my kind of store! If you know me, you know that I am a little OCD about organization and colors. I have to arrange and eat my candy in color order, and I have to arrange shapes of things in like groups. I know, I'm weird. It was fun to see all the fun old stuff and of course, take some fun photos. (Bailey thought that little dog was a cat)

While in Kendrick, I talked to a lady who owned one of the stores and found out she also owned the Antique Mall in Moscow. I had been meaning to go in there and talk to the owner about putting my jewelry in the store, perfect! I talked to her and it was go! So now Tom Design Jewelry is in the Antique Mall in Moscow. Yay!

My friends and I also had a little girl's night of our own. It was one of Ashley's last nights with us in Moscow so we went to dinner, went shopping, and saw the movie, "The Help". Love these girls.

Spring Valley

The Ritchies and Muirs invited us to Spring Valley Resevoir for some tin foil dinners. I love things like that. Mark and I are actually big on camping but can't really do those things with a baby. Tin foil dinners will have to do until we can. I loved taking photos of Bailey and Abby playing. We sure do miss her!


Our stake had an opening social at a park in Pullman. The best part was that there was a huge duck pond! Bailey loves ducks, and this park proved no exception, she was in love. She waved to them, tried to hold them, and shared her dinner with them.

Farmer's Market

Moscow has a great Saturday Farmer's Market, it's one of their selling points to get people to come to town. This was only our second time going, but I knew I wanted to do a little photography experiment: photograph the color wheel! I used to do this with my junior high photography students and then I  saw my photographer friend do it at the market so I tried it there too. I love all the colors, especially when they're lined up like this.

Here's what the photos are.

This girl had fun too.

County Fair

Lucky for us the Latah County Fair is in Mosow! We went last year with the Muirs when the kids were babies, I think Bailey slept through most of it. This year we went with the Muirs again and the Robertsons, and best part was that the kids were toddlers and they actually had fun! It took Bailey a while to warm up, but she eventually did and loved seeing all the animals, flashing lights of the rides, the concert, and of course those ginormous Elephant Ear scones, yummmm.

SO many lights, colors, and sounds!